About Symposium

Several global annual symposiums and conferences are held about chlor-Alkali industry around the world. Therefore, similar symposium seemed to be necessary in Iran. To fill this gap, the Iran Chlorine Producers Association decided to arrange some meetings as "Iran International Chlor-Alkali Symposium". It was the first one which was held in the presence of local and international experts in the chlor-Alkali industry of Iran.

In this symposium, there also was some question and answering panels in the field of technical issues.

Chlor-Alkali industry experts had time to meet other national and international experts and could take the opportunity to continue this relationship in the future. This, not only did help them to resolve some of the chlor-alkali technical problems, but made new opportunities in chlor-alkali marketing.

In addition to multilateral cooperation, commercial units could dispose their capabilities in the field of information and experience.

The specific purposes of the meeting were as follows:
  • The introduction of appropriate measures for overcoming the current problems and prevent escalation of the Chlor-Alkali industry in the future
  • Areas of cooperation and solidarity among members of the lowest levels to the highest levels of decision-making and managerial expertise
  • The introduction of effective exchange of information between technical and business units in different areas of the Chlor-Alkali industry
  • Trying to gain the support of small and large units of new active Chlor-Alkali industry and consequently the participation of small units of large industrial plants